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Vietnam shopping

Shopping in Vietnam is a fun memorable experience with good bargains for everyone.

Vietnamese food

In Vietnam, com or rice is eaten at breakfast, lunch and dinner together with a various toppings and dishes. (more…)

Vietnam tour agencies

A Vietnam travel agency can arrange an individual or group tour which is an interesting and convenient way to visit Vietnam. (more…)

Vietnam transport prices

More and more tourists flock to Vietnam every year because of its cheaper prices. (more…)


Sunset at Ha Long BayVietnam is officially called the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Vietnam History

Ponaga TowerThe country’s history can be divided into the pre-dynastic era, the dynastic era and the Western Colonial era.

The Vietnam War

Bronze statues of Viet Nam soldiers, Washington D.C.The US opposed the communist-held democratic Republic of Vietnam beginning in the early 1960s.