Vietnam shopping

Shopping in Vietnam is a fun memorable experience with good bargains for everyone.

It is a memorable experience to shop in Vietnam. The products are generally very cheap and there are a variety of selections for buyers.

Markets vary from high class shopping malls, supermarkets to bustling open market, galleries, boutiques and street stalls.


Other than grand shopping centers where there are fixed prices which are written on the tags, most street vendors, markets and souvenir stands don’t label fixed prices for their things and customers need to bargain. Sellers there always try to get more money from foreigners whom they assume to be wealthy and have a lot of money to spend.

When you go to stores and souvenir stands, the prices they tell you are not the truth. The real prices are ordinarily half or even one third of what is told to you. Seller often know how to speak English. They sometimes tell you that you are the first customer of the day to shop at their store today and they will try to give you the item at their buying price for some luck. Resist the urge to believe them. The “buying” price they quote you is always way more than the true value of the product.

Art and Antiques

Most art sold are fake or copies as Vietnam has very strict regulations about selling real antiques.


Branded and designer clothes are usually fakes.

Gems and jewelry

Only buy gems at prestigious shops and be wary of cheap prices.

War souvenirs

Vietnam War Zippos lighters are usually fake reproductions.


Goods to buy are:

  • wood-block prints,
  • Lacquer ware,
  • oil and watercolor paintings,
  • blinds made from bamboo,
  • reed mats,
  • carpets,
  • leatherwork.

Remember to bargain

There is no definite guide on how to bargain in Vietnam but with a bit of skill you should be able to reduce an item price by 10, so have fun!

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