Vietnamese food

In Vietnam, com or rice is eaten at breakfast, lunch and dinner together with a various toppings and dishes.

Vietnamese food is extremely delectable and a favorite all over the world. It is really a lasting experience to taste Vietnamese food directly from Vietnam. However, you have to be cautious when eating in restaurants. Even natives can be charged too much sometimes when they dine in restaurants.

There are some restaurants whose menus are only lists of dishes that do not include the prices. In that event you should ask the waiters to inform you of their prices of the dishes prior to ordering otherwise they are likely to give you a big bill with very high prices at the end of the meal.

Famous Vietnam dishes

Rice and Noddles

Com (boiled rice, grilled rice)
Banh Chung (Sticky Rice Cake)
Bun (rice vermicelli)
Banh Cuon Trang Bang (Rice Cakes)
Banh Cuon (Rice Flour Steamed Rolls)
Mien (vermicelli made of cassava)
Pho (Noodles)

Fish & Seafood

Cha Ca (grilled minced fish)
Nem Ran or Cha Gio (fried spring roll)
Canh Chua (Fish Sour Soup)
Chao Tom (Grilled Shrimp Paste)
Com Hen (Hue Mussel Rice)
Tom Chua (Hue Sour Shrimp)
Banh Tom (crispy shrimp pastry)


Gio Lua (Lean Pork Pie)
Faifo Dainty (Danang)
Cau Mong (Beef)


Hu Tieu (My Tho Noodle Soup)
Lau Mam (Mixed Soup)
Hue Beef Noodle Soup


Nom (salad)

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