Vietnam transport prices

More and more tourists flock to Vietnam every year because of its cheaper prices.

Prior to leaving for Vietnam you should do some research to find out a general idea about the prices you will find in Vietnam.

The Vietnamese form of currency is (as of today) the Vietnam Dong with USD1 = VND16,500.


Surfing the internet, you can easily learn information about prices of going by taxi or other means of transportation. However, for distances of great length, you have to bargain for a fairer price because for some of the long routes, the price does not include what is counted on the taximeter. If you use a taxi over a distance which is farther than 50 km, you are recommended to call the taxi company before going anywhere and ask for their price for a trip as far as that.

  • Taxi (per km) = 0.45$
  • Cyclo (per km) = 0.50$

Vietnam bus

Bus is the cheapest transport and is usually the same price for locals and foreigners.

Vietnam Mini Bus

Mini bus are very convenient with air-cond, cheaper than train but more expensive than public bus.

Vietnam Trains

Trains have different prices of locals and foreigners. The price depends on the type of seat and the distance. Best prices are at train stations. Travel agents take a commission of 1 or 2$.

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